2011 Shows!

Portland's 2010 show rescheduled for June 23!


Conceived by Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen in 2004, Hot One Inch Action is the original, one-night only show of button art, music and social interaction in Vancouver, BC. The original work of fifty different artists is presented on one inch buttons. These one inch buttons are displayed on the gallery wall and the audience is offered the opportunity to buy randomly selected buttons in mixed bags of five for $5. If the bag purchased does not have the desired button, trade with the people around you. How bad do you want that button?! That’s when the hot action starts. Want to learn about future shows? Join our email list.

Portland's Hot One Inch Action has been rescheduled! Join us June 23 from 6-9pm at Hand Eye Supply (23 NW 4th Ave, Portland). Please RSVP to our Facebook event page for all the latest info and to invite your friends! Portland's show features button art from: APAK, Amy Jenkins, Amy Ruppel, Anna Magruder, Audrey McNamara, Brian Bump, Bryan Sculthorpe, Charlie Alan Kraft, Chris Haberman, Chrissy Ortez, Dan Osterman, Danielle Weiss, David Herrick, Erik Heumiller, Erin Nations, Erinn Hatter, Gabriel Amadeus, Griffon Jillson, Hadley Hutton, Ian Anderson, Jackie Dives, Jackson Smith, James Baker, jennifer mercede, Jenn Woodward, Jesse Narens, Jesse Reno, Kaitlin Sambrooke, Karl Edwards, Kasey Tararuj, Kelly Williams, Klutch, Lida Avery, Martin A. Eggiman Jr, Matt O. Cosby, Melissa Levin, Nathan Parr, Neil M. Perry, Nicole Linde, Randall Foster, Richard Schemmerer, Robert Oreo, Rory Phillips, Santiago Uceda, Sasha, Friedman, SD Elliott, Sean Lanusse, Skye Blue, Tara Stansberry, and Zhoh Autrite Mauw. Want to help promote the show? Please download and print the flyer (2-up on 8.5x11)!

Vancouver's Hot One Inch Action was Saturday October 23, 2010 (8-11pm) at Gallery Gachet (88 E Cordova, Vancouver BC). Featuring button art from Ada Fu, Alisa Bertucci, Amanda McCuaig, Andrea Hooge, Arantxa Garcia, Becky McEachern, Carelle Dunn, Charlotte Huang, Daisy Wu, Danielle Krysa, Danielle Mah, Dave Mah, David Camisa, DEDOS, Derek von Essen, Dusan Postolovic, Eileen Soo, Eleanor Rosenberg, Far Sebastian, Gayle Koyanagi, Howard Penning, Jacqueline Klobucar, Jenn Brisson, Joel Rich, Josh Awesome, Karen Garry, Kathryn Mussallem, kel/kel, kim lett, Lori Dean Dyment, Maisie Lam, Mauve Pagé, Megz Majewski, Mel Jensen, Micah Tardif, Miranda Pang, Nicole Pinkerton, Nireesha Prakash, Peter Ricq, Randall Cosco, Rebekah Joy Plett, Rhys Edwards, Russell Alton, Sally Jørgensen, Shauna Eve, Soizick Meister, Terra Poirier, The Star Gods, Won Tsuen You, and Zebulon Zang.

Seattle's Hot One Inch Action was Saturday October 9, 2010 (8-11pm) at Ouch My Eye (1022 1st Ave S, Seattle WA). Featuring music by DJ Buck Faustin and button art from Aaron Rutten, Andrew McIntosh, Ben Worth, Breanna Fabbro, Brian Cervino, Charlene Stahl, Chris "MANOW" Lemmen, Chris Crites, Courtney L. Johnson, Debrah Blount, Dylan Neuwirth, Eli Wolff, Erin Gibbs, Fiona Buchan, Frederic Wong, Gabriel Mintz, Gavin Carrol, Grace Willard, Honor Marks, Jess Rees, John A. Gascon, K Stephen Griffith, k.g.b., Kata Golda, Kate Vrijmoet, Kathleen Johnson, Kendal Tull-Esterbrook, Lisa B Gross, Loren Marks, Marty Gordon, Max Clotfelter, Michael Alm, Michael Chandler, Michael Lorefice, Michelle Alexis Newman, Moe Abbott, Nathan Jenkins, Nichole Rathburn, Nicolette Oliver, Patrice Tullai "alicedean", Patrick Duffy, Patti Bowman, Phil Scroggs, RAWKSON, Rich Lehl, Rita Bellanca, Sarah Kulfan, Susan Brown, Sylvie-Marie Drescher, and Traci Bixby.

Sorry, all the buttons from our shows are sold out! If you want to purchase buttons from Hot One Inch Action, you’ll have to go to a show.

Hot One Inch Action is the original, annual show of one inch buttons presented, produced and curated by Chris Bentzen and Jim Hoehnle. Check out our other show:  CARDED! Think Hot One Inch Action with trading cards. You can also follow Chris on Twitter @bentzen, use the hashtag #hot1inch for your Hot One Inch Action tweets, or become a fan of Hot One Inch Action on Facebook.

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